There are lots of great places to visit and things to do in Brighton but there’s one that’s almost a must-see for anyone visiting the city  – the Brighton Seafront. Here’s our guide to what’s on the Seafront, what you can do and what’s nearby if you decide to stay in one of the Hotels on Brighton Seafront.

Introduction to Brighton

Brighton is a seaside resort on the south coast of England and is one of the top 10 city beach break destinations in the world.  A key part of that is the Seafront, with the famous Brighton Palace Pier, high-quality beaches and club culture.

Brighton became a popular place to visit as far back as the 1730s when people started to realise that bathing in seawater was beneficial (and fun!) so they started to visit the seaside resorts along the south coast.  In Georgian times, the town became a fashionable resort and the Prince Regent (who became King George IV) spent a lot of time here, creating the Royal Pavilion.

When the railway arrived in 1841, people started to day-trip to Brighton from London and this is when many of the town’s big attractions were built including the West Pier, the Palace Pier and the Grand Hotel.

Brighton Palace Pier

The Palace Pier is one of the most iconic attractions in Brighton.  First constructed in 1899, it is Grade II listed pier and was the third to be added to the Brighton seafront but sadly is the only one still in operation.  Around four million people visit it each year and it has been featured in films, TV shows and in books.

Today, the Palace Pier is a combination of eating places, rides and amusements as well as live entertainment and even music festivals.  The Turbo Coaster is the fastest, scariest of the rides on the pier with two steep drops and a camera trap that captures the most brilliant photos of people on the ride!

Other Seafront attractions

While the pier is the heart of the Seafront, there are a number of other attractions.  Volks Railway is Britain’s oldest electric railway and was built in 1883 – you can find it just to the east of the main Seafront.  To examine the city’s past, there’s also the free Fishing Museum which documents the history from a sleepy fishing village through to the popular seaside resort it is today.

Sea Life Brighton is another popular attraction as well as being the oldest operating aquarium in the world.  It is located opposite the Palace Pier and is home to over 3,500 sea creatures. You can even take VIP tours where you can feed some of the animals.

The British Airways i360 is the newest addition to the Seafront and is a futuristic glass viewing pod that moves 450 feet in the air to have full views across the city.  In fact, you can see over 60 miles away on a clear day and spot the Isle of Wight in the distance. The pod also contains the Nyetimber Sky Bar serving local drinks and sparkling wines while there is the West Beach Bar and Kitchen on the ground level.

Around the Seafront

The Seafront is also a great place to base yourself for a stay in Brighton.  There are lots of high-quality hotels and the other main sights of the city are all just a short distance away.  The Artists’ Quarter is near the pier and there are lots of spots to try some water sports along the seafront. You can even charter a fishing boat and enjoy a relaxing afternoon fishing, including fishing around the wrecks hiding just off the coast.

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