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The Top Three Reasons Hotels in Brighton are Perfect for Corporate Conferences

If you have been assigned the task of organising a corporate event the pressure can seem like a heavy burden. Corporate objectives aside, the main goal of an event is to keep the guests content and entertained through comfort, food and good company. Hotels in Brighton make meetings and events a seamless affair for decision makers and organisers by providing conveniences that only hotels can accommodate and this includes: rooms for guests, catered meals and a setup and cleaning service that will allow organisers to make deals and converse, without any mundane tasks to get in their way.

Hotels in Brighton for Conferences and Meetings

1. Rooms at preferred Rates and Comfort for Guests 

Booking rooms for a meeting benefits both the hosting company  and the attending guests.  When accommodations are booked in advance, group discounts may apply.  This helps to cut corporate costs for the hosts and allows for all of the guests to be conveniently located in one place. This guarantees a timely start, to begin presentations and negotiations without the hassle of guests being stuck in traffic, or getting lost along the way.  

The guests will appreciate having their rooms provided and having all of the guests on site keeps safety in mind. The attendees can feel free to enjoy a drink in the hotel’s restaurant at the end of the day and the organisers need not worry about their safe travel back to another hotel.

2. Catered Meetings 

It is a challenge to negotiate deals or to keep guests engaged in a presentation when they are hungry.  A box of baked goods and tea will simply not do for a conference that lasts longer than a couple of hours. A hotel can provide food and beverage so that energy levels stay up and guests can be comfortable and satiated without the distraction of wondering when they get to leave for a meal.

Hotels also house restaurants on site. This provides hosts with a great opportunity to invite potential partners out and get to know their guests more personally.

3. Setup and Cleanup Services 

The event organisers need to stay focused on making sure that their guests are enjoying the event. When a conference is hosted at the company’s  headquarters, the company may be tempted to provide their own set up and cleaning to cut costs.  However, this distracts the hosts from the main goal of getting to know their guests so that they can earn a new partner or make a sale.  

When a hotel is behind a business they assist in every aspect of a successful event providing food, accommodation and helping with the planning and seating arrangements.  Overall, a hotel is comprised of professional hosts, who know how to make guests feel comfortable and at home. These skills can be used to their full advantage at your next corporate conference or meeting in Brighton.  

Hotels in Brighton, such as Queens Hotel Brighton, host corporate functions.  To enquire about our conference and meeting room facilities call us on Freephone 0800 970 7570.

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